About Us

Happy Go Lucky Kids is a fun, family centered lifestyle brand founded by artist and mother of five...April Kleven. We believe childhood is meant to be magical, that life isn't meant to fit into a tidy little box, that deep down, we're all still children on the inside...and that its never too late to stir up some magic!!!
Happy Go Lucky Kids emerged from a desire to strengthen families by filling their wardrobes & homes with uplifting, playful messages and activities. We design & thoughtfully seek out products that foster the wacky, beautiful, MESS & MAGIC of growing up. Our hope is that you and your little ones will feel empowered, more alive, connected, creative, and compassionate as you incorporate our treasures into your family's life. 
Much love, from our family to yours...VIVA HGLK!!!
April Kleven
Maker Mama & Founder of Happy Go Lucky Kids